Fanart for the popular indie game, “Undertale”. This is one of my favorite characters Undyne! Undertale and characters belong to Toby Fox.

Aegislash is my favorite pokemon ever! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could strap its giant hands around your chest like a backpack? Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

A concept I drew a couple of years ago and finally decided to finish it! All of the Tingle Bros and piggies from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. Drawn on paper then scanned into Adobe Illustrator. Zelda belongs to Nintendo. Drawn in 2013.

An illustration of Joel Zimmerman (the one on the left) AKA Deadmau5 and Sonny Moore AKA Skrillex. I am a big fan of these two DJs and also a big fan of the cartoon series, "Adventure Time". I combined these two together to bring you this illustration. This is entirely an experiment and I am in no way affiliated with Pendelton Ward or the Adventure Time series. Drawn in 2011.

Another illustration of Joel Zimmerman and Sonny Moore in the Adventure Time style. Just a bunch of silly-ness. Drawn in 2011.

My last illustration in the Adventure Time style with Meowingtons (Joel Zimmerman's beloved pet cat), and the Bloody Beetroots (an Italian Drum and Bass duo named Bobby Tea and Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo). Drawn in 2011.

Just a random tribal girl. Everything done on Photoshop. 2012

Blue Skies and Blue Fields. Practicing with doing landscaping. Done in Photoshop on 2010

First landscape piece. Love the snow and thought it would be a good tribute. Done it all in Photoshop. Made in 2010

a quick pen sketch of my older sibling. Sketched in 2007.

I was commissioned by the Univision radio station to draw the Energizer bunny with a sombrero for their deal with Energizer batteries. They wanted to pitch this idea to the company to use it on their vans and promote their product. Art by me. Energizer bunny and products copyrighted to the Energizer Company. Drawn in 2011.

This is the pokemon Archen! He is in the fifth generation and wanted to do a doodle of it since its super cute! Art by me. Pokemon copyrighted to Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri. Drawn in 2012

This is a fan illustration of a Dubstep artist named Sonny Moore AKA Skrillex. I first sketched him out, and then just used the pencil tool to outline in Photoshop. Drawn in 2011.

A series of Illustrations of cats with unique wings and names. I call the series "Euphoria", and this Japanese bobtail cat is named Ichiroza. His wings are sakura blossoms. The title is "Beauty". Drawn in 2008.

This is an illustration I came up with for our unofficial group called the, "Con Crashers". Basically we are all con goers, and while attending to cons we either crash at room parties or have our own room party and still crash it. We have our own website at and occasionally one or two of us will write an article of the con we went to. Drawn in 2010

sketches done of my fan character from a comic series online called, "Hanna is Not a Boys Name". Scanned and colored in Photoshop. A 2010 piece

An illustration I did of my friend Keiko Takamura. She was having a contest to see who did the best work in Photoshop with a picture of her. Unfortunately, I didn't win but she liked my picture a lot that she kept it and was going to show the picture off to her other friends. Everything was done in Photoshop. Drawn in 2010

Another cat picture I drew in the "Euphoria" series. This one is named Milo the warrior. He is based on my cat I had and in memory did this picture. Drawn in 2008.

The original and first piece of the Euphoria series. This artwork was the start of it all as this too was in memory of a lost pet/friend back in 2002.

An original robot character who I've called DJ Cordigen. Drawn in 2011.

Another original robot I decided to create and named Cell2nu. Purpose for this character has not been determined. Drawn in 2011.

A fan character concept design I did from a webcomic series called, "Hanna is Not a Boys Name" by Tessa Stone. This is an early basic design so overtime my fan character will have an updated look. Drawn in 2010.

This drawing was done in Tegaki (a Japanese art blogging website). This was inspired by the new generation of pokemon that was released in Japan 2 months ago, and hopefully soon will be released in America so I may play it! Pokemon (C) to Nintendo. Art (C) me. Drawn in 2010

This would be an anthromorphic version or "furry" of myself as a Shiba Inu. Drawn and colored in Photoshop in 2008.

I did an exercise in which the people I am drawing say a random sentence or quote and then I try to decipher that in an expression the best of my ability. It was quite fun. Drawn in 2008


An array of illustrations I have done such as landscaping, and people. This also show cases some Character Design concepts on characters I’ve designed/created. Thank you for checking this out!


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